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Solar Panels

Reducing our carbon footprint. Harry Clark installed 9 KW solar system on its office building in 2010.The panels cover most of the roof. All of the lighting has been upgraded to LED type. We have modified our fleet mix to include smaller vans, flex fuel vans and incorporated GPS to help reduce the miles per day. These simple measures make both environmental and business sense.

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The easiest way to leave fossil fuels behind.

Harry Clark and QuitCarbon are on a mission to help homeowners leave fossil fuels behind and upgrade to an all-electric lifestyle.

Going electric can get overwhelming. Understanding your home’s electric infrastructure, vetting new contractors, all the rebates and incentives- it’s basically a full-time job.

But QuitCarbon makes it simple. We craft you a free, personalized electrification plan which maximizes your outcome and guides you through rebates and savings.

Visit www.QuitCarbon.com/HarryClarkAC to book your free consultation.

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Selling Energy Star

Harry Clark has been recognized and awarded for the selling the highest percentage of Energy Star Rated equipment in northern California. We have a complete portfolio of Energy Star Rated Heat Pumps, High Efficient Gas Furnaces, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters and Smart Thermostats for customers to choice from.  We only sell standard equipment when Energy Star products are not practical from a building standpoint.

Jack and Blake
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Recycling, lesson learned.

Jack Yaeger a holocaust survivor lived n the woods of Poland during World War II. During that time Jack learned not to waste anything. After the war he immigrated to USA and settled with his wife in Oakland CA. He became and entrepreneur and his main business was recycling. He would visit plumbing and electric shop through the bay area for over 50 years recycling metal and making sure things were not going to waste. For two generation Jack visited our shop weekly. Jack has since passed away but his legacy of recycling is part of our culture here at Harry Clark Heating and Air Conditioning. We recycle refrigerants, metals, cardboard, batteries, mercury thermostats and more.

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