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Server Room Air Conditioning Services For Berkeley, Oakland & The Bay Area

Server rooms and data centers require precise control of the environment. Correct temperature is critical to maximizing the performance of the equipment and minimizing the risk of failure and lost data. Server rooms and data centers generate heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This goes on even when the outdoor temperature is below freezing. Typical room air conditioners are not suitable for continuous operation or low outdoor temperatures and should not be used for server rooms.

Technology experts believe that the ideal temperature range for a server room is between 64.4F and 80.6F. If your facility’s air conditioning system is not sufficient in keeping that temperature range in the server room, additional units are necessary to keep your business running smoothly. At Harry Clark Plumbing and Heating Inc, we would be happy to assist you with keeping your server room at the ideal temperature. We can install a ductless air conditioning system that will work for your purpose.

Mitsubishi makes a ductless split system air conditioner that is ideally suited for server rooms. Their “P” series Ductless Air Conditioners utilizes an innovative Inverter-driven technology. It responds to both indoor and outdoor temperature changes. The inverter automatically adjusts as the load changes and can operate efficiently with outdoor temperatures below zero. This system is available in various sizes and configurations and can be installed in almost any application.

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